International Marketing

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International Marketing
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Step 01- Make sure that you have selected an appropriate brand from the Interbrand Top 100 Global Brands 2016. Note that this must not be the same brand as you choose in Assessment 01 which is the Individual presentation.

Step 02- Make sure that you provide the necessary answers for the two questions according to the below mentioned structure covering the required sections. 


You are required to provide an introduction section before starting to provide answers for the first section. You could include a brief introduction of the chosen brand along with an introduction to each element of the marketing mix. Defining standardisation and adaptation concepts are also appropriate to be included in the introductory section.

Part 01- Identifying the standardization and/or adaptation of the marketing mix.

1.            Make sure that you separately identify the elements of the marketing mix (Product, Price, Promotion and Place) and in each section discuss standardisation and adaptation in relation to the chosen brand. You are also required to provide international examples from the chosen brand in order to prove the points made in the discussion. The chosen brand should be compared across 3 different markets.

2.            Finally, it is required that you provide a 2-3 paragraph conclusion that discusses whether you consider the strategy chosen by the brand as appropriate.

Part 02- Discuss which Internationalisation Process Theory (IPT) ‘best’ describes the internationalisation Process that the global brand has undertaken.

Note that you are required to discuss the Internationalisation Process Theories in relation to the second task. Addressing the market entry theories such as franchising, exporting, joint ventures etc will not address the requirement of the task.

Therefore, follow the below mentioned guidelines and approach in order to further complete on this section.

1.            First, review the main IP theories such as the Uppsala model, born Global, The eclectic paradigm and etc. 

2.            Thereafter, you are required to select the best IP theory which suits the chosen brand. Note that some internationalisation theories are not suitable to discuss global brands. For example, Born global theory as it is for SMEs. Using the best appropriate model, candidates are required to discuss the internationalisation process of the chosen brand.

3.            Lastly for this section, you are required to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the best suited IP theory as well.

** Finally, please include a reference list developed as per the Harvard referencing system.


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