International Dimension of Organizational Behavior.

I will pay for the following article International Dimension of Organizational Behavior. The work is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. According to (Ashkanasy 2012) organizational behavior is an investigative study on how individuals and groups behave within an organization. The purpose of such knowledge is to ensure an improvement in the effectiveness of different organizations. Ashkanasy (2012) further describes the organizational behavior as knowledge application and study about the behavior of humans in relation to several other organizational elements such as social system, structure, and technology.

Due to the rapid evolution of the world into a global village, companies around the world not only seek to employ workers from a limited geographical proximity, they also tend to get them from all over the world, which brings with it racial and cultural diversity in the workplace. It is with this respect that the concept of international organizational behavior comes out vividly (Kinicki & Kreither 2008). Though many companies may boast about the diversity of their employees’ cultural backgrounds, it comes with numerous responsibilities to ensure an efficient practice of organizational behaviors (Osland et al. 2006). Similar to Organizational Behavior, International Organizational Behavior also focuses on how individuals and groups behave in an organizational setup. The only major difference as described by Adler & Gundersen (2007) is that International Organizational Behavior involves a wider scope of cultural divides.

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According to Ivancevich et al. (2002), the critical need for International Organizational Behavior is caused by the fact that different organizations are becoming increasingly oriented towards a team structure in order to cope with flexibility as well as responsiveness to the environment that is always undergoing constant change.&nbsp.

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