International and comparative HRM

Need help with my writing homework on International and comparative HRM. Write a 3000 word paper answering; As argued by Edwards et al. (2001, p.201), the intricate connection between markets and institutions, and the physical benefits of actors ultimately influence the transfer of HR practices within MNCs. This paper will critically evaluate the manner in which host and home country environments interrelate to yield the forces that eventually influence the transfer of HR practices within British MNCs operating in China. This evaluation will consider the cultural, institutional, and organisational barriers or facilitators while citing examples of specific HR practices that are more likely to be adopted in the Chinese national cultural and institutional context.

Within the context of increasing interconnectedness and interdependence of nations, businesses have successfully expanded their operations beyond national frontiers thereby leading to the rise of MNCs (Ferner & Quintanilla 1998, p.710). MNCs can simply be understood as corporations that have their headquarters in one state and operations spread out in several other countries as suggested by the word multinational. MNCs are naturally oligopolistic powers that tend to dominate markets while joining forces with other great businesses to gain monopoly. MNCs explore the latest advanced technologies to deliver excellent value products and services across their chains. In most cases, MNCs invest heavily on research and development of new improved technologies for maximum efficiency in chain operations. MNCs have grown significantly in the recent past thereby contributing immensely to the global GDP (Edwards, Marginson & Ferner 2012, p.2). The scope of MNC’s operations has increased further, following the prevalent deregulation of global economies to eliminate barriers to foreign domestic investment.

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International and comparative HRM
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