Internal Public Relations.

Effective communication and managers communication skills, especially in United States, are an extremely important issue for effective organizational behavior. Internal public relations and the managers’ communication skills are what define an organizational behavior toward success. This is because effective employee communication makes the employees better understand the company’s demands and perform accordingly. Employees are considered as the most effective marketers of the company. If the company’s management deploys effective public relations, it motivates the employees to spread a good word about the organizational culture which attracts clientele in the long run. This only happens when the management and the employees understand each other well and communicate on a regular basis to clear off all misconceptions about the organizational objectives (Infante and Gorden, 1991). An operative communication style also leads to employee loyalty which is most needed for the credibility of the organizational culture. “Employees will put in that extra discretionary effort when they are kept informed openly and honestly on aspects of their job and the business and they feel that they are being listened to with empathy” (Business Performance Pty Ltd., 2010).

Studies suggest that workplace communication in US is complicated as well as multidimensional and hence there is great chance of conflict and misapprehension. Good communication does not just happen within a day or a week. It takes a constant struggle, practice and toil in building better workplace relationships and increasing career success as a result.

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Internal Public Relations.
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Lack of effective internal communication may result in misunderstandings between the organization’s management and employees, lack of information, transfer of misinformation, reduced performance, subdued innovation, lack of concentration on business

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