Interior design. 

 case study Education is considered to be crucial not only for the success but also for the survival of the individuals and the countries who are trying to emerge in this rapidly changing global environment. Almost all the US politicians have placed education at the center of their policies and it has also been the center of the Asian and European policies agenda. Leadership may also contribute towards improving the student learning by implementing initiative aimed towards improving the quality of schools. There are various techniques that are considered to be powerful forces for the effectiveness of school and universities. however this belief must be justified by empirical evidence for its better implementation at practical level.

The University of Minnesota is also trying hard to adopt technologies and techniques that will help them improve student learning in the classroom environment. The management and the professors at the University of Minnesota thinks that it is not the laptops, projects or tablets which are considered important for the classroom environment. But it is the swivel chair that contributes towards the effective learning of the students. Research support the fact that the instructors should have students switch and change in a fluid moment rather than make them clunking around and trying to get them into different situations. The researchers at the global education environment think that the role of the teacher should be more of a coach rather than just focusing on the delivery of information which may not even be effectively interpreted by the students.

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Interior design. 
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The classrooms at the University of Minnesota are more intentionally designed that positively correlates to the student engagement which helps in improving the rate of student success. When students at the University of Minnesota were questioned about the swiveling chairs and connectable tables, almost 72 percent of the students said that the changes in the interior of the classroom increased the level of concentration and their engagement in classrooms. They also agreed to the fact that changing the interior of the classroom and including more swiveling chairs and connectable tables will help the students to achieve higher grades. After observing the effectiveness of swiveling chairs and connectable tables the University of Minnesota is planning to renovate more classrooms and also the lecture halls for the fall semester.

Beside the interior of the class, leadership is also considered to be a powerful force for the effectiveness of student learning. The leaders at the University of Minnesota are its instructors and management. Like every other university the leaders at the University of Minnesota exercise influence and provide direction to the students. The leaders are responsible for providing constant feedback to the students so that they may change according to their suggestions. The leaders at the University of Minnesota possess the essential consultative skills which help them to give advice about the instructional practice to the instructors. The role of the leaders whether they are instructor or in the management of the university is crucial, as it helps them to improve the overall grades of the students by making the learning environment more effective (Louis, Leithwood and Wahlstrom).


Louis, Karen Seashore, et al. “Investigating the Links to Improved Student Learning.” Learning from Leadership Project (2010).

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