Intelligence Research Methods. 

The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Scholarly-VS-Intelligence Research Processes and Methods Although it is all about information and how the information is analyzed and presented to the necessary requiring parties (be it the intelligence community of individuals seeking to know how), there is a clear distinction between how the information is presented in the end, though the gathering methods might be similar. However, it must be noted that the jargon used in these two scenarios is different1. The intelligence community might refer to an interview just as so whilst the scholarly community might call it information.

I haven’t had the opportunity of doing intelligence articles, but I am looking forward to the opportunity. The most in-depth paper that I had to write was a research paper on the class international relations of in the middle-east for the topic. Islam and politics. Although the terminology might not be the same, I am sure with my analytical skills. I can do great and well detailed papers as these are invaluable skill sets. Though the technology has pretty much reduced the need for analytics as there are now softwares that analyze data, these cannot be done away with as they are the ones checking the validity and fundamental worth of data.

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Intelligence Research Methods. 
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Although both scholarly and intelligent research methods might seek to determine whether data is reliable and authoritative, the scholarly researchers have not embraced the notion of going out and searching for data sources as the intelligence community does with security in mind. This is very true as in the world of a scholar. there are much analysis and data validation techniques that are applied as the skills are there but not geared towards solving security puzzles. There needs to be integration of the scholarly and intelligence community research methods and processes to shape up great data analysts.


Catholic University of America, School of Library and Information Science “Library Science and Intelligence Analysis: Converging Educational Paths”. You Tube. Flash Video File. (Accessed April 9, 2014) .

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