Intellectual property project

Selling of musical products by both the composers and the intellectual property has been regarded as a business that is on the rise and this is attributed to the fact that the current levels of employment are very low. It is through the license agreement that they define the terms of production and how they benefit from the business (Schechter et al 26). Some of the famous musicians like Michael Jackson were able to earn a living through their talent of being musicians. However, it cannot be assumed that it was a smooth walk through as they face several challenges ranging from their music being rejected to being criticized and being imposed on ideas they were not aware of. Composers tend to benefit but not to a bigger extent because most of the musicians tend to come up with their own versions in order to avoid unnecessary spending and the fact that they consider music as a talent that requires creativity.

Therefore to instill in them a sense of ownership for the music, they prefer to compose their own music and go to studios for recording and shooting of the video. They offer advice on the rhythm to be adopted for the music and the best sites for shooting heir videos (Schechter et al 21). In most cases the income obtained from music production goes untaxed and maybe of benefit to those trying to exploit the talent. However, most musicians have been regarded as individuals who spend most of the money in leisurely activities and have been ended up in ruthless deaths. Such reckless living is what a makes most individuals consider income obtained from music as being worthless as few of the musicians use it for vital processes like investments. It would be assumed that those who tend from the income are those responsible for recording.

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Intellectual property project
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Michael Jackson’s achievement in terms of the music industry can be attributed to his continues innovation in terms of the words, dancing styles and the general appearance of the video. This is what attracts most of the listeners and audience whenever a musician hosts a concert. This is always evidenced by the outcome whenever musicians host a performance as most of them are likely to end up without an audience. Being a black American, his achievement can be attributed to the fact that the theme of his music was mostly related to matters affecting the black Americans in the United States of America (Hahn 41). He therefore saw the need to address them through his talent of singing. In order to listen to the theme through music, audiences found it vital to learn more about it through his songs. Most of his music videos like black or white were highly sold because of the theme of racism and how it was being displayed in America.

Therefore his success can be attributed to his creativity by the fact that he was a black American and was well aware of the suffering they had been through given the fact that they were in a foreign country (Hahn 45). He must also have considered his talent as being an area of earning income and therefore saw the need of perfecting it through creativity. It is this creativity that made most of his videos to sell all over the world making him a hero. From the discussion above, it is clear that the effort put by an individual in the music industry combined by the level of creativity is likely to move mountains in terms of success. Promotions that are also done on the music determine the level to which a musician is likely to succeed especially in cases where they are included in media advertisements.

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