Intellectual property problems between apple and samsung Paper

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on intellectual property problems between apple and samsung Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! For Samsung, it has been through thepatentinfringementsuits. Theapplecompanyis situated in the United States whereas Samsung is from South Korea. AppleCompany hadseveralways and differenttheories of Infringement andthejuryhadnoanyotheroptionother than presentingall of them. Patentlitigation is between Apple and Samsung andthese has gottenmuchattention from themedia, investors andmany industrialexecutives. Apple has all through claimedthat Samsung hadcopied their iPhone.

Thecaseallbegan January 2007 whenthe iPhone wasbeenintroduced in theworldmarket. Theapple companyfiledthesuite four days before therelease of the iPhone. Among themany Apples graphical user interfaces, Apple gotinterested in one of theintellectualproperties that were to be used against the Samsung Company. 15th April 2011 a complaintwasfiled in the District Court forthenorthern District of California in the United States. Applestillmaintainedthat there wasinfringement on their intellectualproperty. Applesubmittedallthe data thattheyhad towards Samsung using their sameproducts as part of their data. Theywent through theprocess by comparingthesimilarities of their products with that of the Samsung(New York: Cengage Learning, Copyright, 2012)

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Intellectual property problems between apple and samsung Paper
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On 22nd April 2011 Samsung wentaheadanddidthesamethingthat Apple haddoneandfileda complaint in courts in Seoul which is its capitalcity andtheyalsofiledanothercomplaint in Mannheim, Germany.Theymadeallegationsthat Apple hadinfringed its patents. Samsung filed five patentinfringements. August 2012 thejudgeswhowere to presidethecase that hadbeenfiled by Samsung and after reviewing thecaseallthejudgescame up with severaldecisions(New Jersey : MIT Press. Copyright,2011) pg. 134.The overall decisionwasthat Apple hadinfringed two Samsungs technology patents. Theyalsoconcludedthat Samsung hadonlyviolated one Apples patent. Thecourtalsodeniedtheallegationsthat Samsung hadcopiedthedesigns of the iPad and the iPhone.

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