Integrative project ( samsung co. ) and plan.

The research finding will be analysed using various tools like excel and SPSS and further compared to Secondary data finding related to our study topic.

The research will therefore source for detail information on financial management issues that multi-national companies like Samsung experience. Budgeting for huge companies like Samsung is challenging and sometime the expenditure surpasses the intended budget or the budget fails to consider some aspect that are necessary within that fiscal year. Secondly the report will investigate how much investment the company has done on internal control system to curb various malpractices. Does the business observe the five fundamentals of the internal control system which are: management integrity, competent personnel, segregation of duties, record maintenance and safeguarding of the company assets? The last case is the investigating the company use of financial statement analysis to its benefit. Documents such as income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and retained earnings are important in making various financial decisions that can break or make the company. Therefore it a study that will help in the business evaluate the business risk involved, the company performance, the financial health of the company and finally the future prospect of business development.

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Integrative project ( samsung co. ) and plan.
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Such issues related to internal control system, financial analysis and Budgeting can only be done competently if the company owner ensures that: management integrity is achieved, improved communication and decision making, competent employees are assigned strategically to oversee operations. Other possible solution ways of solving the performance problem is proper record keeping and duty segregation.

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