Initial Project Plan Proposal

The initial project plan proposal must include how the project meets the specified criteria:

1. Pick a potential project of interest.

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Initial Project Plan Proposal
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2. The project must meet the following criteria:

  • A job or problem with multiple and sequential tasks
  • Performed only once (not repetitive in nature)
  • Has defined start and end points in time (start time and a deadline)
  • A budget or a limited source of funds
  • A defined scope of work
  • Specific performance requirements
  • More than one person is involved in the project
  • APA style

Examples of Projects

Group project for another class

Small home improvement or auto restoration project

Simple wedding

Large party (graduation, naturalization, anniversary, etc.)

Small theater production

Simple product development

Company improvement or kaizen project

Holiday parade

Charity fundraiser

Group vacation

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