Infrastructure and Security of Information Network.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Infrastructure and Security of Information Network. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The section explains the reason for the design of the layouts to the IT experts and to the management team of infrastructure and security systems. Next, this paper section provides the organization security policy for infrastructure protection through the use of CIA principals. The section provides a detailed discussion of vulnerabilities of infrastructure and security and provides solutions for the information network. Lastly, this paper section provides employee behavior ethical aspects, usage of password in the organizations, contractors, from the access of networked resources and information.

In any organization, there exist different information network components. The basic component accessible is the computer. In addition, we have software’s existing as protocols of communications, and the hardware consisting of channels. The hardware, software, and computer components form an individual system (Anderson, 2005). When individual systems are connected, they become a network. A network consists of user and production applications information, operating systematically and simultaneously to carry out company functions. Information networks are flexible, thus allow adding, removal and changes from one network to another making the operations and structures of large networks dynamic (Anderson, 2005). Networks allow for access to routers, printers, switches, workstations and access points. The functions carried out by various networks may range from word processing, routing, storage to data analyses. The networks are structured together form the internet, which surpasses organizations and national boundaries. Moreover, that is why we need solid infrastructure and security.

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Infrastructure and Security of Information Network.
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The organization operates through vital information. the information needs security from unauthorized personnel’s access via the internet, through the use of solid infrastructures. Infrastructures are the foundations of an information network.

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