Information Technology Planning Process.

e details incorporated in the plan (what). the earmarked locations for implementation (where). the rationale for the planning process (why). the relevant time frames and planning period (when). and finally, the actually planning process (how).

Roto-Rooter is a plumbing and drain cleaning service organization that originated in 1935 (Roto-Rooter, 2013). It was reportedly founded by Samuel Blanc and was eventually sold to Chemed Corporation in 1980. Currently, the organization was disclosed to operate in more than “100 company-owned branch and independent contractor territories and approximately 500 independent franchise operations, serving approximately 90% of the U.S. population and parts of Canada” (Roto-Rooter, 2013, par. 4).

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From the interview with Swanson, it was revealed that the organization has acknowledged the relevance of IT to be incorporated within their operating and telecommunications system. It was acknowledged that the IT planning process starts off with the identification and aligning with the overall goal: “to be the premier provider of repair and maintenance services. As always, we will continue to listen to customers and expand service offerings to meet and exceed their changing expectations” (Roto-Rooter, 2013, par. 3). Due to this goal, the IT planning process initiated with determining the needs of demands of the consumers. The Customer Satisfaction Manager, Pat Swanson, is the person responsible for governing and administering the planning process. The inputs to be incorporated in the plan include the financial targets, for instance in a particular year: (1) an increase of 10% in market share. (2) greater customer satisfaction as evidenced from 10% decline in customer complaints. (3) increased locations and products. and (4) a10% increase in independent contractors and franchises through information technology and applications.

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