Information Systems Management: Boeing 787.

I will pay for the following article Information Systems Management: Boeing 787. The work is to be 13 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Since Boeing is an aerospace company operating in five different segments in the airplane manufacturing industry must rely heavily on its information systems (IS) using technologies that are pertinent to the business’s environment, such as hardware, software, networking, and data. However, one of the information technology issues was found on the company’s software programs “which were designed by various manufacturers” and the lack of communication with each other led to a malfunction in the integrated supply chain (Pearlson& Saunders, 2013, p. 166). Other issues related to information technology (IT) was the information exchange that could create more problems for the company to be able to implement its business process.

According to Pearlson& Saunders (2013), Boeing “tapped expertise of various companies in different areas such as composite materials, aerodynamics, and IT infrastructure to create a network in which partners’ skills complement each other” (p.166). Managing the services infrastructure in today’s digital world can be a challenge for organizations that depend on elaborate information systems infrastructure. Maintaining such infrastructure could be very costly for most companies because of the fees associated with upgrading hardware and software, which might require hiring in-house experts for support. That is the reason organizations of any size are turning to outside service providers for their support needs. According to MISI (Citations), an organization’s management needs an infrastructure to support a variety of activities, including reliable communication net-works to promote collaboration between suppliers and customers (such as the case of Boeing and its outsourced suppliers), accurate and timely data and knowledge to gain business intelligence, and information systems to aid decision making and support business processes. “Boeing had outsourced the production on the two most critical parts of the plane- the wings and the fuselage” (Pearlson& Saunders, 2013 p.166).

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