Information Engineering Analysis and Design.

The Delauny’s Medical Centre System project primarily represents an information system that avails booking services on an online friendly platform. The service will enable the prospected patients to make appointments with doctors on the online system. The main features of the services that the online Medical Centre platform entails registration of new users, making appointments, scheduling and cancelation of appointments.

The writing in this report predominantly highlights on the descriptive processes utilized in designing and developing the system. The methods used in planning the project development cycle and the management criteria also highlights in the paper. Scheduling, forecasting and achieving project goals are vital activities that have to be undertaken by team members to accomplish job portions. The business strategies and market analysis for the proposed product looks into to determine the economic viability for carrying out the development of the tech system. A SWOT and Pestle analysis of the professional environment is also made and the subsequent effects determined for the project management of this particular system requirements, analysis and design.

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The challenges faced by the end users using the current Delauny’s Medical Centre system are listed in the report content. The report also demonstrates approaches and methods used in designing and implementing the new system. The new concepts of intended for improving the current system operation are aimed at make certain there is a growth in consumer(patient) satisfaction through better service delivery. The new system is intended to offer dependable and professionalized services accomplished by automating the manual processes in the current information system.

The only sensible option for the Delauny’s Medical Centre is to upgrade their current manual information system to a more modern information system that utilizes technology to deliver its appointment booking services to the patients.

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