Industry Analysis

 The Industry: that  I pick is INSURANCE, instuctions and detials attached, Please no more than 4 pages.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Industry Analysis
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Assignment Details

Industry Analysis

Industry Choices Fall I – 2017:



1.      Compose a full four page paper (not including title page or reference page) that accomplishes the following:

a.       Provides a summary of the history and current functioning of the industry you have been assigned. Your paper should offer a brief (a few paragraphs) industry history, external factors that impact the industry (e.g. economic trends, legislation, customer demographic trends, etc.), current products and service offerings, basis for competition in the industry (business models), description of markets served, identification of major competitors, and a brief assessment of the financial health of the industry. Given that you are limited to four full typed pages, you will need to be concise, organized, and efficient in your word choice.

b.      Your paper should be supported with at least 5 in text and reference citations from different sources. You must include at least one source from each of the three data bases described below. You will be using APA citation style and may use the APA template available in Microsoft Word or one provided in PantherLearn. All APA guidelines should be followed including those related to in-text citations, cover page, reference page preparation, running head, etc.

c.       Your paper will be graded based on quality of content, strength of writing skills, quality of sources, and quality of APA citation.

d.      An example industry analysis paper is provided in PantherLearn.

e.       Do not include an executive summary or abstract


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