Indivual Presentation & 5-Page Paper with Citations


To research and become subject matter experts on a specific topic of Business Law. This will further serve as additional experience to discuss on future interviews and in your career advancement. Many companies will ask specific questions about your college curriculum. Interviewers often ask what you did or learned in your classes that will enhance your productivity and knowledge on the job – this is that specific project you can speak proudly about.

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Indivual Presentation & 5-Page Paper with Citations
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  • 5-Page Paper with citations within the paper/writing.
  • For each paragraph, you should cite where the information was obtained from to allow for in-paper citations in addition to your Works Cited Page at the end. This allows a quick reference point for each area to support your work and information.

Suggested Topics

  • UCC
  • Remedies
    • Buyers Remedies
    • Buyers Obligations
    • Sellers Remedies
    • Sellers Obligations
  • Agency
  • Cover
  • Negotiable Instruments
  • Modification
  • Merchant Intricacies
  • Your own specific Business Law topic upon approval

Citations and Sources

Each topic will require additional research beyond the textbook to allow for thorough understanding of the topics. In addition to the textbook – use 3 outside sources and cite your work throughout the paper.

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