Individual White Paper:

o A “white paper” is a policy analysis of a particular issue.  Here, you’re doing a white paper on your own (Individual White Paper) about the topic you debated.

o After the debate, you may want to meet with your team and/or members of the opposing side on the debate.  Feel free to brainstorm with whomever you like, but be sure to write the individual white paper on your own.

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o In your Individual White Paper, you’ll be summarizing and explaining arguments on both sides of the issue and then – like a true white paper on any topic – proposing a solution and making specific recommendations to solve the problems presented.  You’ll need to specify how this solution works for all the stakeholders involved.

o Your Individual White Paper may choose to include arguments that were not made in the Debate if you think they are relevant to the issue.

o There is no length requirement for the individual white paper; it is totally up to you to cover what needs to be covered.

o Be sure to check out the rubric for the Individual White Paper so you cover all the bases.  Note that the quality of your proposed solution carries twice as much weight as any of the categories.

o This is not just a summary of the Debate – it needs to stand on its own.  You are welcome to incorporate parts of your team’s presentation, slides, parts from the other team’s presentation (if they share it) and/or additional research.  Be sure to cite what you use in any logical format that would allow the reader to understand what you are referencing.

o Your Individual White Paper is due on Blackboard one week after your debate presentation.  (See the Our Calendar tab for extra clarification.)  Remember, you have a one week grace period without any penalty, but after that a rubric point is deducted from the grade for each week or partial week it is late.

o No papers will be accepted after the last day of our class.  Do it while the debate is fresh in your mind to make it easiest for you to do the best job possible!

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