Individual or component costs of capital

(Individual or component costs of capital) Compute the cost of the following:a. A bond that has $1,000 par value (face value) and a contract or coupon interest rate of 6 percent. A new issue would have a floatation cost of 8 percent of the $1, 125 market value. Thebonds mature in 5 years. The firm’s average tax rate is 30 percent and its marginal tax rate is 33 percentb. A new common stock issue that paid a $1.50 dividend last year. The par value of the stock is $15, and earnings per share have grown at a rate of 9 percent per year. This growth rate isexpected to continue into the foreseeable future. The company maintains a constant dividend-earnings ratio of 30 percent. The price of this stock is now $25, but 7 percent flotation costsare anticipated.c. Internal common equity when the current market price of the common stock is $45. The expected dividend this coming year should be $3.50, increasing thereafter at an annual growthrate of 7 percent. The corporation’s tax rate is 33 percent.d. A preferred stock paying a dividend of 12 percent on a $150 par value. If a new issue is offered, flotation costs will be 16 percent of the current price of $178.e. A bond selling to yield 11 percent after flotation costs, but before adjusting for the marginal corporate tax rate of 33 percent. In other words, 11 percent is the rate that equates the netproceeds from the bond with the present value of the future cash flows (principal and interest).

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Individual or component costs of capital
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