Individual learning portfoli. 

I might not have thought of value judgments so seriously before.

PUL has been designed to provide a holistic learning experience to the student at the university. It presupposes the all too important participation on the part of the student in this once-in-lifetime experience. However, it still reminds the student of the endless opportunities available to students for learning. Thus learning is a full lifetime experience. Individual students’ perception of university learning is determined by a number of factors such as cultural influences, socio-economic influences and personal attitudes. My own attitudinal perspectives on PUL are coloured by such factors as my own perception of individual liberty and economic status.

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 Individual learning portfoli. 
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The whole process of education at the university has been exceedingly rewarding and primarily reorienting. PUL has afforded me a vantage point in understanding the process of education. I might have deliberately avoided examining my inner feelings towards university education at the outset for the fear of exposing myself to prejudices of fellow students. PUL plays a pivotal role in awakening in students a desire for self-learning that promises a paradigmatic shift in attitude and individual experience.

Despite a host of much hyped liberties in non-institutional environments of learning, the experience of such learning has little or no rewards. Thus, PUL as a subject provides the student with a much wider scope to embark on a pursuit of self-interest. There are some implications of such a program of study though. For instance, at times I happen to entertain qualms about the so called futuristic dimension of a subject that has more to do with university culture and environment. Personal predilections and positive or/and negative marginal propensities all play a major role in this sensitive issue. My own senses and sensibilities very rarely find a medium for expression.

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