The manufacturing process is desirable for mass production because of the shared value of dies and punches with production of a large number. The performance of film forming distinct rolls to achieve a particular image was done in the past. This process is known as sheet metal rolling, but the process is possible for production of natural shapes. Therefore, the search for new sheet metal forming solutions has been started. The developments took the route of searching for new shapes of rolls, which in turn paved a way for new forming scopes. (Mecanica 2009)

However, in a severe world industrialization competition, there is the need to obtain the demand for increasingly complex shapes. For the demands of complex requirements, metal plate stretching attempts have been made by outstanding prototypes, to reach the final shape. In order to contour the high volume demands, the use of presses for short lead times and production costs began. The main benefits of this method is the need for the formation of a significant essential tool for the plate formation. This increases cost of the tool, as a result of high production costs. The presses system establishment is suitable for mass production.

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Nevertheless, in the current global fierce competition, there is a need for more and more products that are complicated by the demand. For the achievement of the final requirements, attempts for sheet metal extension on exceptional prototype have been made to achieve the optimum shape. The formation of stretch metals on presses was adopted to handle mass production demands with more batch measurements at lower costs of manufacturing. However, the system was disadvantaged in that every product needed a specific tool, for the sheet metal development. This increases the device costs which results in higher production costs.

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