Inclusion of Students with Visual Processing Disorder.

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Inclusion of Students with Visual Processing Disorder. The challenge experienced by a student with this disorder is vast and can be demoralizing to the student (Gregory & Chapman, 2002). This is so when one considers school work requires the ability to process accurately visual images.

Despite this great challenge to students, weaknesses with visual processing are not without remedy. The problem is that most cases go undetected and therefore untreated. A child will continue to experience difficulties without the knowledge of concerned persons. In some cases, wrong diagnoses commonly with attention deficit disorder make the problem worse. There are a number of strategies that can be followed to ensure the child strengthens visual processing. For such a student to utilize a normal classroom it is recommended that writing paper must have darker lines. Instead of giving them large projects, assignments need to break down in short simple steps. Again they can be encouraged to make use of a ruler as they read. This is an important reading guide and if used effectively will see to an improvement of a child’s visual processing. Equally important is being able to highlight vital information as they read. Of course, this comes with the guidance of the teacher. All these activities are necessary for the student to gain from mainstream classes.

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Inclusion of Students with Visual Processing Disorder.
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In order for a teacher to effectively carry out a differentiate instruction one must have acquired refined skills and knowledge. It is very vital that the teacher has a strong understanding of cognitive components necessary for the process of learning. The specific components must be well known whether or not they are working or have broken down. After successfully knowing the condition of the cognitive components then it becomes easy to come up with a strategy to address a specific task or break down and at the appropriate time.

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