In the book, North America

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic regional critique for north america. In the book, North America: The Historical Geography of a Changing Continent& Thomas F. McIlwraith, and Edward K. Muller, the writer describes North America as a continent that developed gradually over many years. However, the statement “past and present are simplified notions of our conceptions of time” as used in the book is inappropriate because developments and growth of the present precede what happened in the past. Furthermore, North America is a haven of archeology, culture, parks, science museums, world’s fairs, and golf courses. These properties have been elevated for many years by a tranquil environment, clean water systems together with plants, and animals found in the continent. Concisely, nature has shaped the development of human growth, infrastructure, and environmental cleanliness. above all, it has encouraged research in American institutions. Network linkages have been transformed to create a connection among all states.

These include both land and air connections that ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the sharing of goods and services among all citizens. Critiquing nature is hard since human endeavors cannot change what the society and environment hold.

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In the book, North America
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New York City is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Hudson River, which provide harbors for importation and exportation of goods and services. The harbors are also used for recreational activities that attract tourists to New York City. In this regard, New York City is characterized by a dense population rendering land a scarce commodity. this sparks a quest for urban planning and protection of public land from gripping. Despite the dense population, New York City bestows the cleanest and most&nbsp.tranquil environment in Northern America (Jackson, 2010). The tranquil environment is accountable for energy efficiency reducing dependence on other cities. The economy of New York is highly dependent on the New York harbor, which has deep waters through which goods and services from other cities enter the city. To add to that, the city has boroughs that enable easy accessibility to neighboring provinces specifically, Brooklyn, Long Island, and queen’s provinces.

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