In the 2nd Treatise of Government, John Locke wrote about consent of the governed.

Two options for RX4. Please refer to the instructions for RX4 found under announcements.

In the 2nd Treatise of Government, John Locke wrote about consent of the governed. The obligations of the people and of the government. What did he mean?

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In the 2nd Treatise of Government, John Locke wrote about consent of the governed.
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Locke argued for toleration of religion, or more to the point, the freedom of the individual to practice what he/she believed without interference from government. Explain his argument. The Letter Concerning Toleration is essential to answering this question, his Essay Concerning Human Understanding, and the and the 2nd Treatise of Government may be of help as well.

Guidelines for RX4.

RX4 will double spaced, employing a readable 12-point font, and limited to a range of 500 to 550 words. Anything outside those parameters is subject to a minimum ½ grade penalty.

There is no need to introduce Locke. Go directly to the argument.

The RX must use at least two outside sources. Sources should come from qualified writers; each source must have the name of the writer in the citation and works cited listing. Missing sources is subject to a minimum ½ grade penalty.

Locke, be it from the anthology or other source must be used, but Locke will not be considered as an outside source.

Any assertion in the paper not of general knowledge must be cited. Missing citations will negatively affect the grade.

The citations and listings will follow Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines. These guidelines may be found online. Improperly formatted citations and works cited listings will be subject to penalty. Remember that Morgan is not the author of the documents.

The RX should contain no more than 15% of borrowed material. Limit quotations. Anything over 15% is subject to a minimum ½ grade penalty.

Limit the use of quotations. It is almost always better to paraphrase a statement and cite it. Overuse of quotations is a form of padding and will affect the grade.

It is strongly suggested that you avoid of pronouns. You wrote the paper, so “I think” is not necessary. “you” should be avoided. The word “one” is better.

Except for a quotation, do not use contractions. Avoid passive (would have, could have, etc.). Pay attention to syntax, clarity, spelling.

Place the complete honor code statement at the end of the RX, after the works cited listing. Papers without will be penalized a full grade.

All RX papers require a works cited listing formatted according to MLA guidelines.

The papers will be graded without comment. No paper will be accepted after the due date.

The prompt will be available by next Monday. Preview. Option 1. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Property. Option 2. His Letter Concerning Toleration.

Should you have any questions, ask!

This instruction sheet is subject to change until the “prompt” has been posted.

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