Improving Americas Internet

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Improving Americas Internet. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. How the Job Will Be Done Slow and expensive internet in America is very irritating, in order to find the solution to thisissue the government has to implement the following actions and policies.

1. Legislating policies to foster competition

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 Improving Americas Internet
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Broadband market can be said to be monopolized, the only way that this situation can be reversed is by enacting laws that will foster competition. Competition will see many key players in the broadband industry born, prices will come down and services will improve.

2. Freeing up more spectrum

The availability and cost of spectrum is influence by the federal government. Spectrum is very crucial aspect in economics of broadband network. If the government was to avail this spectrum costs incurred by firms to administer network infrastructure, this will see many firms entering in the broadband market.

3. Lowering infrastructure costs

Resources such as pole attachment and right-of-way are controlled and managed by the government. If this resources were managed effectively, the costs incurred by firms can be greatly reduced as well as foster competition and investment.

4. Increase the research and development funds

R&D is very important since it will make sure that there is new innovations, which can include technology that has the capability to increase the speeds of the broadband.

How it be broken into tasks

The job can be broken into tasks to ensure that it is implemented effectively. The first task is to pass the laws and rules that will foster competition in the congress. This can be done within a duration of six months. The next is to free more spectrum, the spectrum will be released in bits such freeing the whole of the spectrum at once can’t be effective due to economic issues. Fiscal policies should be introduced to make sure that the infrastructure costa are reduced. Research and development fund should be increased from the current value that the federal government has.

What method will be used to do it?

The method that should be used to implement the tasks which will see the cost of internet come down as well as improve the internet speed include the following.

The Executive Branch should build a Broadband Strategy Council to manage the implementation of National Broadband Plan recommendations.

The FCC should quickly print a timetable of actions to implement plan recommendations within its authority, publish an evaluation of plan progress and effectiveness as part of the annual Section 706 Advanced Services Inquiry, create a Broadband Data Depository and continue to utilize as a public resource for broadband information. It will also be very prudent to keep reviewing the broadband since it evolves from time to time. The collection of data in will be very helpful to make sure that there is track of the implementation stage.

The FCC should publish a Broadband Performance Dashboard with metrics designed to track broadband plan goals. Publishing the performance will act as an indicator of how the broadband is functioning. A method that will help the stakeholders analyze any flaws.

Link: http://www.fcc.

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