importance of technology in education

I need some assistance with these assignment. importance of technology in education Thank you in advance for the help! From the discussion it is clear that access to technology opportunities and devices assists in learning factors of time and place that make mobile learning as an important tool for lifelong knowledge. Education by using technology allow for the use of electronic devices, desktop and smartphones that assist in developing education both for teachers and for students. Technological education provides access to a large broad of selected research in technology and structures organized by technology. Students and technology organize relevant resources that perceive various developments and research for the various completion topics learned using technology in education.

As the report discusses wide educational spectrum increases attention by policy makers in making technological education relevant in various aspects. Traditional roles open opportunity for education and learners for quality teaching by allowing the use of technology to assist in developing education standards. Professors in universities and colleges promote the use of technology into various train individuals such as public accountants, armed forces, physicians, and nurses because technology gives them as an easy time to comprehend various aspects of education. Students have various excitements concerning internet technology as subsided to considerable extents.&nbsp.The role of education based on education promotes curriculum development as an instructional delivery system for students.

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importance of technology in education
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