Importance of communication plan in trail transport

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Importance of communication plan in trail transport. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Importance of communication plan in trail transport The development of trails and Greenways has several benefits. The successful use of the trails will improve the environmental conditions of the living habitat and encourage the development of a better environment. In addition, they encourage the development of the economy through tourism. Despite the existence of various transport methods that are fully researched on, the trail system has been neglected and even not cared for because of the social perception (Ministry of Health Promotion). The involvement of organizations such as Rail-to-Trails and other organizations has helped change the perception of the society. Through highlighting of the benefits of the trails the organizations have helped shape the use of trail transport in the country (Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Organization). Rails-to-trails offer several support activities for the use of trails in transport. The organization advocates and influence policy development both for the state and national governments.

In addition, the company offers technical assistance to the local trail builders to ensure their design factor in issues of safety and environmental conservation. Through defending the federal Trail banking statute, the organization supports government efforts in the process by developing the necessary support and watchdog activities. The research carried out by the organization helps in shaping the belief and the nature of the existing trails (Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Organization). Trails are important because they improve the health of the community by encouraging involvement in physical activities. Trails can be designed for recreational activities such as walking, jogging and cycling. The accessibility of the trails is a main issue in the development process. Rails-to-trails engage in activities with the sole purpose of improving the use of trails which in-turn improves the society both economically and improves the overall health.

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Importance of communication plan in trail transport
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There is little research conducted on the use of trails especially in the US. However, trail usage is not a complex process because it does not involve the development of intrinsic program, but basic engineering and landscaping. The available data can be useful in the development of the communication plan based on the situational analysis of the existing challenges which may vary depending on the location of the trail (Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Organization). A communication plan for the organization will involve the advertising strategy and plan to encourage the use of trail in transportation. Through highlighting the benefits of trails by use of social media, the organization can achieve the objective of encouraging increased use of the trails (Ministry of Health Promotion). The development of Maps, with the sole purpose of increasing understanding of the trails, will improve trail use in the society.

The communication plan of the organization must target the masses to ensure proper understanding of the different trails and their location. The understanding of the nature of the trails by the targeted population will increase tourism and increase trail usage. There are other cities with well-developed trail system, which may be may be used as a benchmark for the development of the communication plan. The province of Ontario has some beautiful trails developed after the setting of the Ontario Trails Strategy (Ministry of Health Promotion). This approach can be helpful because it is well documented and is an icon of success in the trail development and management process.

In conclusion, the development of the communication plan of the Rails-to-Trails organization cannot be affected by the limited academic research data available due to the existence of other organizations with success in trail management. Therefore, Rails-to-Trails communication plan can be drafted based on the success of other organizations in the sector.

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