Importance of breakfast to childrens physical and cognitive development

Currently, an apparent, definitive empirical conclusion obtained from inclusive recurrent clinical examination and field researches may not have been attained. However, the research agreement among specialists in the discipline and those accountable for education is that the importance of breakfast in the physical and cognitive capacity of children cannot be taken for granted or undervalued. Moreover, the usefulness of thoroughly gathered observations of teachers and parents alike, perceived as qualitative science, is at present being acknowledged (Kopelman, 2001).

The practice of missing breakfast has turned out to be widespread among children and adolescents alike. Experimental studies have discovered that breakfast is a vital meal since it is favorable to physical growth, cognitive development, and weight.

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Importance of breakfast to childrens physical and cognitive development
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Childhood is a very important period that demands proper and adequate nutrition. Breakfast is believed by many to be the most essential meal of the day. it gives individuals energy to accomplish and fulfill their daily tasks and responsibilities. As an individual sleeps the body transforms from the sated to the fasted state which makes the serum glucagon absorptions to increase. Consequently, the liver generates glucose by converting glycogen to glucose. This takes place until a small portion of the glycogen reserves is used up. When food is taken in fuel homeostasis is sustained. Breakfast as well gives sufficient nutrient&nbsp.ingestion which facilitates the growth and development requirements of children. For instance, the daily ingestion of a nutrient such as protein is higher for those who regularly eat breakfast. Protein is particularly important for very young individuals as it is the phase when the body and brain necessitate protein accumulation (Mitchell, 2001). &nbsp.

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