Imperialism and Industrial Revolution.

When the conquest began, different European countries had different motives as to why they wished to acquire so much territory outside of their home territory. Some of the European nations had political motives2. They simply had the desire to gain national prestige in Europe. Colonial governors also acquired personal colonial possessions before informing their home governments. This got done for power and prestige. Imperialism was attractive for young men who found the opportunity for adventure. By 1890, it was the most popular cause in Europe. It was the overseas extension of nationalism.

The key reason why Europeans nations needed so much territory out of their home territory was the industrial revolution. The industrialization in Europe stimulated the demand for industrial crops and minerals. This led to the explosion of imperialism between 1870 and 1890 because this was the period of the economic depression in Europe. This gave the industrialized countries the incentive to seek raw materials and market for their industrial products in Africa and South Asia. From the territories that they conquered, the Europeans looked to profit from plantations and mines (Duker & Spielvogel 2006, 34).

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Imperialism was a good thing for the people and societies of Europe. They were able to acquire resources for their factories, which meant that they got to support and maintain the industrial revolution that took place in Europe then. Since the raw materials were available, the industries produced more than Europe could consume. They used the extra territories they had acquired to sell their manufactured goods and had a good economy.&nbsp.

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