Impact of Globalization on Managing an IS Infrastructure

I will pay for the following article Impact of Globalization on Managing an IS Infrastructure. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Configuration management of the IS mainly attempts to preserve the varied physical attributes of a particular software arrangement in an explicit way, in order to reduce the risk of system failure. It might also hamper the entire business cycle thereby disturbing the entire product lifecycle operations of an organization (Ian Sommerville, 2004). This might enhance business threats thereby declining the strengths and the corporate image of an organization. Along with configuration, proper maintenance is also the other essential component of a proficient IS system.

Preventive maintenance includes repair and renovation of varied parts of a particular management system in order to offer appropriate operations. Every complex system namely industrial machinery and electronic device or software should be maintained in such a way that it operates in an efficient mode. Thus, the prime objective of maintenance is to evade or to mitigate the consequences of equipment failure. Therefore, in order to fulfill this objective, a technically competent individual is required in every organization so that the business operations might flow in a proper way (Krouskop, Noble, Garber, &&nbsp. Spencer, 1983). Hence, it can be apparently avowed that both configuration and preventive maintenance is essential to manage an organization’s pertinent IS infrastructure.

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Impact of Globalization on Managing an IS Infrastructure
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Although configuration management is very essential to maintain the operations of a particular business, it at times fails to do so due to improper industry standards. Industry standard is known as an optimum norm of a business which facilitates it to perform its operations in an appropriate method. The industry standards help in the prediction of varied lawful and logical practices in the economy leading to its betterment. Standardization also helps in improving the &nbsp.quality of the products in order to satisfy customer demands. Besides, the International Standards Organization (ISO) does not offer a official paradigm for configuration management in order to enhance the quality of the products. It would also help in the accomplishment of the future perspectives.

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