Impact of E-Procurement Systems on UAE Government Services.

Provide a 18 pages analysis while answering the following question: Impact of E-Procurement Systems on UAE Government Services. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The explosion of the Internet and growth in e-commerce has changed the services industry in the late twentieth century. This fact led to changes in an online transaction and Internet-based services. Driving by the competition for services sustainability, governmental institutions have developed and implemented the e-commerce strategy. Public sector organizations can achieve significant savings by managing their procurement and commercial activities in an effective way [7]. According to Lavigne [5], there are five kinds of skills for successful e-government: analytical, information management, technical and communication/presentation skills. There is

In UAE, a steering committee of the UAE Federal Government was set up under a cabinet resolution to provide the road map of e-government and it is facilitated by the Ministry of Finance and Industry [15]. The e-government project is expected to improve the efficiency, accessibility, information flows and quality of interactions between the Federal Government, business and the people residing in UAE. This e-government project is undertaken and measured by its benchmarks while several projects, such as e-procurement project, can work in parallel. The experience of implementing similar projects has been incorporated from those in USA, Hong Kong, and the UK.

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Impact of E-Procurement Systems on UAE Government Services.
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This paper is organized as follows: evaluation of the good practices in developing e-procurement systems will be discussed in Section 2. To extend the experience, a suitable e-procurement system for the UAE government will be proposed in Section 3 where critical factors for the development of the system are discussed, and finally conclusions.

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