Impact of climate change on ocean life 

Climate change may generally be defined as the change in climate patterns due to high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. There are various causes of climate change both natural and human. Some of the natural causes may include volcanic activity and solar output. Some human causes include fossil fuels burning and clearing of forests for agricultural purposes. A great percentage of climate change has been attributed to human activities mainly burning of fossil fuels which give rise to high carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Debates have been done in discussion of whether this is true and how these high levels can be reduced (CEICC & BLS & DE & LSNRC, 23).

Climate change is seen to be highly contributed by human activities due to the growing industries. Technology has greatly improved leading to the rise of new industries that use fuels. The increase in population can also be said to be a contributing factor in that forests are destroyed and land left bare to build homes and stay and also grow crops for subsistence and commercial purposes. It does not only affect what we see on the surface but also affects the creatures that live in the ocean including fish and other animals.

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Impact of climate change on ocean life 
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Water bodies around the world have also been affected by climate change. Many of these water bodies are used for providing drinking water for both people and animals and the water is also used in industries and agriculture. This enables people to live a healthy life, have food and run businesses with the availability of electricity. The effects of climate change on these water bodies will have severe consequences which are already being experienced. Some of these effects include an increase in drought and floods causing people to be displaced. It also leads to less fresh water causing a reduction in the food produced and the revenue from agriculture (CEICC et al, 23). “Forty years of research have documented strong responses (pg 22)”.

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