Immigration, politics and policy contribution.

This proposal favors the Latino portion of the population who make up the highest number of immigrants from Mexico, but the government should consider many underlying factors, including the reasons for immigration and the effects on the United States’ resources. This paper will state an overview of reasons to consider when formulating an immigration policy. then propose a possible policy change and implementation plan using the fifth and sixth steps Jansson’s policy plan respectively (Jansson, 2010).

According to Guyette, Tavalin and Rooker (2012), the United States has historically attempted to control illegal immigration into the country by passing restrictive policies and increasing border security. These approaches have failed if the ongoing debate for and against illegal immigrants is gouged. Data concerning illegal immigration is mostly hypothetical since transactions concerning immigrants are mostly not recorded in any official documents. For instance, Barnes (2010) in his opinion claims that it costs each native household $ 1,117, per annum to support illegal immigrants, totaling to $113 billion a year for the whole nation. The influx of illegal immigration cases can be traced to a myriad of reasons, but the main cause, in my opinion, is the government’s inefficiency in enforcing its policies on immigration.

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Therefore, the country needs to refrain from a complete overhaul of policies and ensure enforcement of policies to reduce illegal immigration. The country can adopt a stable policy that can be monitored and improved continuously. Any policy proposal change should ensure accounting for all the positive and negative aspects of immigration, by being fair to illegal immigrants if the merits of having them in the country outweigh the disadvantages. An effective policy should contribute positively to various aspects of the&nbsp.United States society. It should be implemented and assessable.

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