Illogic of american racial categories. 

Need an research paper on illogic of american racial categories. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Illogic of American Racial Categories United s is known to have racial diversity due to the mass immigration the characterized its creation. However, various scholars are concerned about the multidimensional basis of categorizing races. Critical evaluation of racism emphasizes the geographical origin. genetic composition and skin colour.In view of Paul R. Spickard personal interests have overtaken the criterion of categorizing races. The problem is even intense for racially mixed community who has difficulty tracing their single paternal affiliation. Political manipulation and socio-economic classification has characterized United States society. The illogical aspect of American racial categories raises questions on how a standard criterion can be reached at. Another question many people are concerned about is what led to overriding debate on racial categorization despite anatomical homogeneity of humanity. In the opinion of Paul, there is innate competitive trait in humanity that seeks to rank races in terms of superiority. For instance, in United States non-Hispanic race feels more superior to the Black immigrants. However, there are cases of individuals with same geographical background still being categorized on other minor basis. Interracial marriages have given rise to an intermediate group which is entangled in identity confusion (Spickard 41). It is therefore illogical to apply political gain strategies in defining what one’s race category is.

Considering the untraceable racial mixture of some individuals, it not proper to claim any form of politically motivated criterion. Paul offers an insight into the divergent approaches of defining races and the existing controversy that characterize America in regard to its political inclinations. The bottom line is that racial categorization is relative and any attempt to apply politics amounts to the illogic approach.

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Illogic of american racial categories. 
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Work cited

Spickard, Paul R. Mixed Blood: Intermarriage and Ethnic Identity in Twentieth-century America. Madison, Wis.: U of Wisconsin, 1989. Print.

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