Idiom Experiment Analysis


Design experiments to see if these idioms are true:

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Idiom Experiment Analysis
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1.    Waste not, want not

2.    Absence makes the heart grow fonder


For any research, the key is to justify why you did what you did. So, let us consider your research design for “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Did you state what type of apple you would use? Color? Or type of apple? Organic? Why? Justify your choice. There is no right answer to these questions. Often times we choose what is personally interesting to us and then manufacture a justification for it. For example, this experiment will use organic as the organic food market is growing. Red apples were used as red apples are more popular. These reasons would need citations. They may or may not be true, I just picked them as examples of the possible types of reasons.1.    Did you pick a time frame for how long the study lasts? Why that time frame? Justify that reason.

2.    Go through and justify the decisions you made for each of your experimental design

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