Ideologies And Their Work In A Media Text.

Public speaking is a very powerful tool that can be used either to break down or build ideologies. this makes the media a source of ideological thought. The news story framing can form ideologies through what is both left out and present in a story (Grayantes & Murphy, 2010, p.165). Ideology has mostly been used by the politicians to change how people reason and the people believed to be right. This has been seen as most of the votes prefer other candidates to other for being convinced in believing in an idea (Grossberg, 2005). The lifestyle magazine content has relied on affected the people dressing code, and there living style. It is very important to understand that most of the products of the mass media ideological analysis majorly focus on the content of the message (Johnson & Milani, 2010). These are mainly the stories they narrate about the present and the past and instead of those stories effect.

The mass media text ideological term of understanding is that is a type of communication that gives privilege to certain ideas while undermining others. Media text has a different perspective of ideology representing interests that are different with a power that is not the same involved in a type of power struggle within media text. Some idea will have an advantage over others because they are always built in a familiar media image or are known to be very popular. Other ideas will not be easy to identifying as they are not that visible and will only be identified by those people who are very devoted. The way in which media use the lifestyle magazine to advertise (Okonkwo & Palgrave 2007) or inform the public about certain issues provides the form of the principle of public dialogue by which the conflict of culture is&nbsp.waged.

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 Ideologies And Their Work In A Media Text.
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