Identity and Object.

How do these symbols or historical objects obtain their identities? Is it the objects that give the identity to the people or is it the people that give the objects an identity? Various examples of nations and their national symbols will be used to illustrate the significance of national symbols and explore the relationship between the identity of these historical objects and the people.

Symbols are used to serve as an identity of people from a given nation. For example during the world cup, soccer teams from various nations identify themselves using their flags. The players also wear sportswear that has the national color of their flags which makes it possible to know which player represents a given country. During the medal ceremony the flags of these countries are also flown by the players to identify the nations they are from and also as a way to honor their countries. Flags hoisted represent winning countries in the worldcup which reinforces pride in one’s national identity.

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Symbols give a country an identity among other nations based on its unique heritage. For example the national symbols of India represent its richness in flora and fauna. The Panthera tigris (tiger) is an animal covered with yellow fur and dark stripes that is found in India. As an animal, it is graceful, agile, strong and powerful and symbolizes its diversity in wild life.

National symbols instill pride in one’s culture and history. National symbols require one to be familiar with their culture in order to appreciate the national symbols. The national song of India Vande Mataram was composed in Sanskrit and is sung in the same language. The song was a source of inspiration to the Indian people during the struggle for freedom. The song appreciates the struggle as an important event in India’s History. Moreover singing the song requires one to be conversant with the Sanskrit language which enhances appreciation for the overall Indian culture.

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