Identifying a Best Practice

Consider your course project. Research best practices and identify at least one best practice that can be used in your course project.

Respond to the following:•  Consider your course project. Share your project and the industry in which the project is focused.•  Select one best practice from your research. Why did you choose this best practice? Why should it be used in your project?•  What advice did you learn about implementing your best practice?•  What prediction(s) can you make about the project witho  the best practice implemented and,o  if the project went forward without the best practice implemented?Some best practices to choose from:Document everything and ensure all content is accurate.Ensure all projects align with organizational mission and visionDevelop effective communication skills and processes and document project communication.Adopt the attitude that people do not plan to fail; they instead fail to plan.Provide guidance, management and leadership. If you are unable to provide one or all of those, identify team members who can and empower that person to do so for the project.Manage the time and money budgets and do not let either get out of control.Record and preserve the lessons learned on each project as each occurs and use those to improve current and future projects. If you wait until the project is completed to record these learning nuggets, it may not happen, as often the next project begins immediately and the project closure process is rushed or ignored.

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Identifying a Best Practice
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