I need some assistance with these assignment. leadership Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. leadership Thank you in advance for the help! Assignment: Leadership Motivational theory Generally, motivation can be termed as a theoretical construct that is mostly used in explaining behavior. Thus, it symbolizes the motives for an individual(s)’s needs, desires and actions. It can also be described as the force behind an individual’s desire to repeat a definite behavior. Therefore, a motive can be defined as that force which causes an individual to behave in a specific manner or the very least develop a liking for particular behavior. For instance, when a student studies hard in school since s/he wants a better score or when a person takes food to satisfy the need for his/her hunger(Beck,2004).

Motivation can be viewed as a cycle where ideas control behaviors. Performance on the other hand is driven by behavior, and on the other hand performance influences thoughts, making the cycle to start again. Motivation may be subdivided into 2 different theories referred to as extrinsic (external) and intrinsic (internal) motivation (Beck, 2004).

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I need some assistance with these assignment. leadership Thank you in advance for the help!
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The key motivator in my job is the need to accomplish my set goals and objectives. The moment I am done doing my assigned tasks I usually feel satisfied and motivated. The fact that there is also the issue of salary at the end of the month makes me feel even more motivated and willing to work even harder. These two motivators cut across the board and they are the same for even for my colleagues.

Some of the considerations when attempting to implement motivational theories in a public safety organization include. the needs of the employees, their behavior as well as their satisfaction.

2. Some of the things that I have learnt from this article include.

That it is not always prudent to interview leaders. The line-level followers could be better placed to know more what is happening on in campus safety department as well as what members look for in a leader. Thus most followers when it comes to life-and –death situations want their leaders to be competent. This means that a campus leader should be ready to learn, maintain and demonstrate a mastery of their field. Leaders, particularly campus safety leaders should also keep themselves informed by devoting some time daily reading about leadership, security and crisis management, security technology and emergency management. They should also keep physically fit by participating in physically demanding training, proficient in using security and emergency management communications technology (Piper, 2012).

Campus leaders should be careful how they conduct themselves in a crisis and thus should be calm and make sure that they exert that much needed calming effect. They should also be outwardly focused and be more concerned about welfare and safety of the individuals on their teams. Finally leaders should be ready to put themselves on the line even when it means standing in the harm’s way to carry out their jobs and save lives. Leaders should also know that they are servants of the people and not necessarily in office to enrich themselves (Piper, 2012).

In a life and death situation, I would personally keep calm and reassure my people that things will be okay. I would then focus on the issue at hand, especially in ensuring the welfare and safety of the people in my teams. In addition, I would also coordinate everything systematically to ensure a seamless operation. I would also make sure that I lead by example by being on the first line and not backing orders from behind.


Edward, P. (2012). Leaders in life-and -death situations need special in extremis training. Campus Legal Advisor , 3.

Robert, B. (2004). Motivation:Theories and Principles. New York,NY: Perason/Prentice Hall.

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