I need some assistance with these assignment.

I need some assistance with these assignment. the risks of substance misuse on personality and impact on psychopathology and emotional regulation deficits Thank you in advance for the help!

Notably, the issue of risks associated with substance misuse is one of the most important aspects of the study as it presents a paradigm used in understanding the outcome of substance misuse, as well as understanding onward decision making that has to do with control (Lane, Sechrest & Riedel, 1998). This is because it is only possible to design the necessary interventions desired by a person after detecting the level of risk associated with a person’s engagement in substance misuse (Cole, Martin & Dennis, 2004). The literature review is an important component of the research committed purposely to collect secondary data to back any form of primary data collected in the course of the study. The use of secondary data for the literature review means that the researcher shall put a lot of emphasis on existing works of scholarly importance that relate to this area of study. In this literature review, the researcher attempts to find the relationship between key concepts and issues that affect people who misuse substances. These key issues are personality, pathology, and emotional regulation. The review shall identify ways in which people’s personalities cause them to follow the habit of substance misuse, how pathology leads to diagnosing the impact of substance misuse, and how substance misuse eventually affects the emotional regulation of substance misuse victims. A special approach taken towards the review will be to look at these risks along gender lines, by outlining the differences that exist between males and females in terms of the level of impact.

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The alternative Five Model of Personality devised by Marvin Zuckerman is one credible definition of personality and its effects on the outcome of people. Zuckerman, Kuhlman, Thornquist, and Kiers (1991) explained that the Alternative Five Model of Personality (AFFM) outlines the structure of human personality traits based on which five broad factors visible to influence the actions of people. The five broad factors given are sensation seeking, neuroticism – anxiety, aggression – hostility, sociability, and activity (Tull et al., 2009).

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