I need some assistance with these assignment.

I need some assistance with these assignment. my experience in the university of alabamas college of human environmental science Thank you in advance for the help! In this course, students are offered the option of applying to be a teacher’s assistant vice the standard research product. Therefore, I applied to be a teacher’s assistant and was accepted. In addition to being a teacher’s assistant, I updated the module on using the various features within Snagit. This paper will summarize my experience during my final semester of this degree program.

I am currently active duty Navy and have been in for over 17 years. Once I retire, I plan to start my second career as a teacher. My selection as a teaching assistant has given me insight into teaching and has enabled me to enhance my own teaching skills.

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I need some assistance with these assignment.
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Once selected, I was assigned as the teaching assistant for CSM 447, Section 909, Digital Tools. In addition, I was assigned to CSM 447, Section 901 as a grader. Given the fact that I had completed CSM 447 as a student, I was confident that I would be able to properly assist in the teaching of this course. In addition to being a teaching assistant, I developed a training module on the various features within Snagit v10.

The academic balancing act was not an easy task, as there is a need to distinguish between the different roles as a graduate student and instructor on a daily basis. Though having the flexibility of working whatever hours I wanted, it sometimes resulted in working longer hours since there could always be new comments to post or email queries to reply to. Since there were no clear cut times for communication, responsibilities were increased and emails and other updates had to be checked constantly for providing prompt response or feedback. As a student I wanted instant feedback, therefore it was my goal to answer all emails from students as quickly as possible, and to promptly grade all assignments.

I believe every potential teacher is doubtful of his teaching skills and is not sure whether he would be able to satisfy the queries of his students. Teaching is a one-man show. One has to keep going on and on without any pause because every move and glance of a teacher is recorded in the brains of his students and their learning is much influenced by the same. Not only this, the job is never the same and every day brings along with it new adventures both for the students and the teacher.

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