I have an assignment on global business environment

i have an assignment thats due very soon. It’s news analysis report. There are wuestions I need to answer to write up the report. I have done everything I just need help on the summry part and thats it.

Use this worksheet as a guide to help you prepare a high quality GENA report.  Read this sheet then read your article again thinking about each question below.

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I have an assignment on global business environment
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Who are the main entities in the story? 

What are the names of the companies, organizations, people or governments involved?

What is the main point of the article?  

What action is being taken by the actors in the article? 

What are the consequences of these actions?

Implications for practice: (Do not paste this listing format into your paper)

Who benefits or loses from these actions? How do they benefit or lose?

Implications for theory:3 different implications from the textbook

What Global Business concept might relate to this story?

How does it relate?

NOTE: (Bold-face the concept name) then cite the textbook –Example: cultural relativism (Hill 136)

Future direction:

What do you think will happen in the future and why?

What obstacles do you think the actors might face that were not discussed in the article?

What might other companies or organizations do as a result of this story?

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