Human resources management.

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic phd in human resources management. Performance management’s capability to motivate and encourage organizational employees towards not only looking to accomplish higher goals for themselves but also the organization will be recognized in this proposed study.

Performance management has become a part of organizational strategic and also an integrated approach. Performance management’s capability of delivering sustained success for an organization has been recognized. It has been observed that performance management helps people working in an organization to get motivated. It also helps to increase the teamwork and togetherness in an organization. It helps to improve an individual’s contribution and efforts towards working for achieving common organizational goals (ICFAI, 2005).

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Human resources management.
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Performance management provides a context for measuring performance. Performance can provide a guide for an organization to judge their present working condition and the need existing in the organization for improving the performance. Performance management can also provide necessary impetus in an organization to look to organize training and developmental programs if the organizational performance is not up to the required level. Performance management can help to shape an individual’s job design according to the capabilities of an individual. Performance management also helps to shape an organization’s culture and their functionality. It also provides a framework for rewarding employees with incentives and bonuses according to their performance. Moreover, performance management works as a strategic management tool for an organization for providing very important and crucial inputs which also helps in overall organizational development. Performance management helps to align organizational and individual plans, objectives and goals (Lebas, 1995).

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