Human Resource Planning

Human Resource Departments should be particularly cautious in protecting their employees. Other media companies such as New York Times back the statement that, insurance companies use confusing and technical terms in establishing contracts with the Human Resource Departments.

The Human Resource Management and Services, treasury, and labor departments lead in these grievances. This is because insurance companies fail in their responsibility thus calling for concern throughout a company. The article also discusses issues regarding exploitation of employees by employers. In most organizations, the management forces the employees to work extra hours to meet the prevailing demand, but in hand get nothing. There is an emphasis on the standard basis of accounting in relation to extra time, and other over-time allowances.

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Human Resource Planning
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From the article, it is evident that Human Resource Planning is increasing its value daily. Awareness should be created to educate employees on their rights. A notification is crucial as it will help in guiding employees in different fields such as insurance, among others. This is because planning is a key determiner of growth and development in an organization. It is easy to distinguish the aspects of HRP. it enhances the importance of planning in Human Resource Management.

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