Human resource management and employee commitment.

Human resource management and employee commitment. Retention of those skilled employees is equally important because such specialist personnel is in short supply and a Company may find it difficult to replace the experience and training of individual employees, especially the more skilled personnel.

The human resource department has a very important role to play in today’s globalized context. The recruitment of skilled employees enables an organization to benefit fully in the knowledge economy. The retention of these employees is equally important because they are not easy to replace. The human resource department is responsible to ensure that skilled employees are retained within the organization. Thus, the topic of this research study is:

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Human resource management and employee commitment.
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Research has explored techniques that are effective in the successful recruitment of employees, and how skilled employees can be motivated by the HR department to join a firm. According to Buchen (2006), HR professionals are described as those individuals who are in a leadership position, with the responsibility for recruitment and retention of employees, staff training and structuring of organizational strategy. Marrow (1993) has defined employee commitment as his or her desire to remain associated with the organization. But employee commitment is an area where more research is required, with more professionals, so that the studies possess more generalized validity (Carmeli and Freund, 2004).

Earlier studies have mostly focused upon the personalities of leaders and how they impact upon their followers, rather than focusing upon how the HR department can improve services within the firm. While leadership does play an important role in the success of an organization, and impacts upon employees, the continuance of employee commitment can be enhanced through the Human Resource Department. Research studies have touched upon the subject of employee commitment, but a gap exists in the research, in defining how HR services influence the commitment of employees.

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