Human Resource Management assignment 2

Human Resource Management: Ethics and Social Responsibility and International Strategic Management.

 Human Resource Management
strategic human resource management

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Ethics is a subsidiary part of moral philosophy that is closely concerned with the behaviors and morality of individuals towards others.

Social responsibility is related to ethical responsibility of any entity no matter if it is government, organization, corporation or individual. Each one of these entities has some responsibilities towards society. Ethical issues arise when any of the above-mentioned entities stop taking caring of ethics in what they do on large scale. For example, if a business entity takes bribes then it is against ethics and it is violating social ethics. Ethics and social responsibility go along with one another because ethical parameters determine one’s behavior and responsibility in society.

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 Human Resource Management assignment 2
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 Human Resource Management
 Human Resource Management

It is included in ethics to take care of one’s responsibilities according to the needs and want of the social environment. Being a socially responsible entity if an organization is releasing some chemical that is not suitable for the environment then this organization is violating the ethics laws. Social responsibility is the applied field of ethics because entities are directly in contact with the open environment. They ought to take care of cultural, legal and social standards as they are described and determined in ethics.

 Human Resource Management
International strategic management is a unique management process

International strategic management is a unique management process that defines and determines the developing and basic principle strategies that can be acquired by any organization to expand on a broad level and compete to international competitors. Strategic planning is all about setting and determining a unique international strategy that can lead an organization to international markets.

This strategy determines what an organization able to do to sell their products and services and what products and services it is going to sell internationally. This strategy includes the procedure of making and providing these goods and services to international markets, as well. It determines the use of different important resources and determines the targeted demographics where the organization will launch and sell its goods and services, as well.

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