Human Resource Issues in India, China, Brazil, and Nigeria.

 Human Resource Issues in India, China, Brazil, and Nigeria. It needs to be at least 2750 words. The paper tells that in all the four countries that were analyzed, the labor market is large, and an opportunity for the company to expand its business. The transition to recent models of human resources is a key strength to the nations and this will influence positively to the company. Culture is a big threat to the establishment of the company, and this is because of the sensitivity of the issues being addressed. One weakness of these nations is the high turnover as witnessed in India. It is recommended that the company take advantage of the large labor market. However, it should be aware of the existing cultural and political issues in these nations. These issues pose a serious challenge to the establishment and growth of the company. Human resources are regarded as the most crucial asset of any organization. however, not all organizations are capable of fully harnessing its potential. The human resource system is defined as a set of individual but interrelated processes, activities, and functions that are aimed at maintaining, developing or attracting a company’s human resources. In order to enhance operational performance, there is the need to equally manage the system in both manufacturing and service organizations. Innovative manufacturing practices and sophisticated technologies do very little to improve operational performance unless the essential HRM (human resource management) practices are in place to create a constant socio-technical system. Therefore, there is a need for organizations to assess their existing practices in HRM and amend if needed in such a way that employees can efficiently contribute to the improvement of operational performance. There has been a considerable shift towards appreciating human resources in the Indian organizations. This is because they have become strategy driven instead of the status quo, which is instigated by culture.

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Human Resource Issues in India, China, Brazil, and Nigeria.
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