Human resource issues at amazon.

Write 18 pages thesis on the topic human resource issues at amazon. Within the warehouses the houses a mix of 1600 full-time part-time and temporary workers. Most of the temporary workers are hired by the company before the holiday season and fired after that period. The task designed to most of the labours inside the warehouse is to pack boxes. The warehouse is located over an area of 600,000 square foot. Inside these warehouses, the workers are required to pack boxes at the rate of 240-250 boxes per hour if the size of the shipment is large and up to 500 boxes per hour are the size of the shipment is small. In comparison to other companies in the same industry, this rate is excessively high. Amazon, as it is found, sets the rates higher than can be performed by the employees. It is expected even by Amazon that people won’t be able to attain the high productivity rates for which there are paid between $9 and $14 an hour. The workers are expected to work for 10 hours a day for four days in a week. In the holiday season when the shopping spree of the customers increases Amazon recruits temporary workers who have to work for 11 hours per day for four days in a week along with the regular staffs. The overtime in the holiday period is mandatory for the workers. The workers are given a 30-minute lunch break for which they are not paid. In addition, they are given two paid breaks each of the duration of 15 minutes. During the break, every minute is counted and the workers have to take a break at the ring of the bell and have to be back at their work at the ring of another bell.

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