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This paper summarises a published article that analyses the impact of culture and lifestyle on human behaviour. The article maintains that these factors are major contributors in formulating one’s behaviour. This paper also specifies the principles that managers must follow in order to affect human behaviour in multicultural organisations.


How Much Does Culture and Lifestyle Affect Behaviour?

Human behaviour is believed to be the derivative of various factors. Out of a number of influencing elements, culture and lifestyle tend to have immense affect on human behaviour. Social development of human beings determines the way people act as individuals, and in a group.

Our societal lifestyle is the out come of our social values, norms and customs which are deeply rooted in our behaviour. This idea supports the fact that a person accustomed to a negative habit or situation would perceive it in a positive way. Consequently, he would be inclined towards it despite various restricting rules. Excessive restrictions or binding laws in a society may often compel people to adopt a particular behaviour out of curiosity. Although biological impressions tend to develop innate behaviour, culture and lifestyle maintain a significant impact on peoples’ social behaviour.

Education, training and religious preaching are considered to be the effective ways of controlling negative impacts of a society. A learned fellow is believed to be more mature in handling the negative societal impacts than a person not cultured to perceive the difference between good and bad.

Technology is another determinant of measuring cultural influences on human behaviour. People living in a technically advanced area are more affected by the good and evil that technology brings into their lifestyle. Technology may nurture a rather advanced culture that accepts certain notions which are otherwise condemned in a conventional society.

Scientists also regard certain psychological disorders as the outcome of a person’s culture or lifestyle. These may include obsessive compulsive disorders or the psyche of over doing things etc. Thus, it can be deduced that culture and lifestyle play major role in affecting human behaviour.


Learning Principles that Managers can Use to Affect Human Cultural Behaviour

In today’s world of globalisation managers often come across a culturally diversified workforce. Such dealing demands a little more than the conventional management concepts. Managers can exercise effective influence in multicultural organisations through learning few simple principles. To start with, managers must get familiar with the culture, traditions and native language of their employees. In addition to this, mangers need to maintain effective communication system, develop a liberal organisational culture that accepts the diversity, and formulate policies/rules that do not conflict with the cultural background of their employees. Training of personnel is another important factor that would help regulate their behaviour and direct them towards the organisational goal.



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