Human Behaviour in Organisations.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Human Behaviour in Organisations. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Transactional leaders differ from transformational leaders, in the fact that they do not seek to transform the future. The aim of the transactional leader is to preserve the extant state of affairs (Odumeru & Ogbonna, 2013, p. 358). Transactional leadership is of great value in addressing crisis and emergency situations, and in completing projects in some specific manner.

The Trait Theory of Leadership presumes the presence of inherited traits among people, and that some of these traits are especially suited to leadership. Effective leaders possess specific characteristics, and great leaders have certain common personality traits. This theory attempts to identify the physical, mental, and personality features associated with successful leadership (Chartered Technofunctional Institute, 2013).

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Human Behaviour in Organisations.
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For several years, the trait theory had been ignored and it had been assumed that situational and learned factors were of greater significance than inherited traits among individuals accomplishing leadership roles. Subsequently, behavioral genetics has emphasized that genes and inherited traits have a significant effect on the individual (Warrilow, 2014).

It is this writer’s opinion that leaders are made and not born. Upon assuming that leaders are born, most of their children would have become great leaders. This does not transpire. Hence, leaders are crafted by the situation and not hereditary.

It has been concluded by researchers that successful leadership emerges from the interaction between the situation and the characteristics of the leader. This interaction has been regarded as the key to understanding leadership, in conjunction with the crucial situational and trait variables (Fleenor, 2006, p. 832).

In the contemporary business world, it is essential for a company to possess the creative ability.&nbsp.

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