How to write an evaluation of the sales process?

This is in the customer service area.

Write an evaluation of the sales process that includes all of the following sales process topics:

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How to write an evaluation of the sales process?
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  1. Selling and service goals:  Why are goals necessary in the sales process? Describe at least two different types of goals.
  2. Selling and service behaviors:  Describe the importance business etiquette and soft skills. Evaluate the role of sales ethics in the sales proces. 
  3. Describe how to prepare for selling. What types of information do you need to prepare your sales dialogue? How will you learn about your customers and their wants and needs? How will you learn about the products and services you are selling or offering?
  4. Describe how to gain customer commitment and successfully close the sale.
  5. Sales follow-up plan:  What is a sales follow-up plan and why is it important? Develop and write a brief and effective sales follow-up plan.

Submit the 5-6 page total deliverable assignment as a Microsoft Word document 

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